Peter Payack, Conceptual Anarchist, Science Fiction Poet

The Book of Conceptual Anarchy

The Book of Conceptual Anarchy


"INTRODUCTION, OF SORTS:" from The Book of Conceptual Anarchy

This is a living document. 
Obviously it is not written in stone,
but was typed on a computer and printed on a dead
tree, that has been processed to look like paper.
Like the world around us my Conceptual Anarchisms
are constantly changing, 
growing and evolving.

All of these ideas came from a special place,
either a higher place of consciousness
or pulled out of my ass.
Maybe my ass is the special place?
I’ll leave that for you to decide.

In the Middle Ages,
university students would write their comments
in the margins of their books.
These Commentaries made the books
more valuable to future readers.

In much the same way,
I would appreciate any critiques, thoughts, or wisecracks
that you, the reader, might add.

I will publish an updated edition of Conceptual Anarchisms
once a year and will add a section of commentaries
that will further enrich this work.
Conceptual Anarchy is something
that should be a living, evolving, ever morphing thing,
and it is up to you to spread the word.

Also, if I ever said anything that helped you in some way
or almost destroyed your life, please let me know. 
In the worst case scenario
we can all go to jail together.
(It might even be fun!)

Pace, bene e anarchia!

Select Poems


She said:
“Just answer the question.
It is a simple, ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.
Don’t give me any
of that philosophical shit.”

Well the answer is “No.”
But here is all that philosophical shit.

Up-Dated (2010)

The ancient Athenian gadfly,
Who today
Might have been put on Ritalin,
Was the first to ask
The fundamental questions
Of philosophy
Which became the bedrock
Of western civilization

What is truth?
What is goodness?
What is the place of humans in the universe?

The postmodern heirs to Socrates
Carry on this self-reflective nature
Although the questions
Have changed

How much does that cost?
What channel is that on?
Are those fake or real?


I know you hate
the short winter nights
and the cold.

But that is what gives
us the long, warm
summer days.

After all, we live on
a planet with a tilted axis.

Try to find pleasure in both.

That could be
a good example
for many things in life.

Perhaps another solution
would be to rocket
to a planet without a titled axis,
like Venus.

But then Venus
has an air temperature of 900 degrees
and an atmosphere of carbon dioxide
and sulfuric acid.


From random atoms
floating around the cosmos
14 billion years ago,
you have to admit
we humans, as a species,
have come pretty far.
We have this thing we call intelligence,
and then this self-consciousness thing.
We are pretty much all set,
or are we?
With this in hand,
humans not only have been able
to ponder on the inner workings
of the cosmos,
build a civilization
that supports 7 billion beings,
but to realize,
in the deepest and most intimate sense,
that it is ultimately
a pile of cosmic shit.

(Click here to see a visual interpretation of this poem.)

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