Peter Payack, Conceptual Anarchist, Science Fiction Poet
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The Classic Stonehenge Watch

Original Stonehenge "artifact" found in New Jersey warehouse: A cache of the classic "Stonehenge Watch™". These watches now available to Stonehenge enthusiasts.

A cache of the classic Stonehenge Watch™ was recently unearthed in a warehouse in New Jersey! This rare collectible will be made available to certified Stonehenge enthusiasts for $19.95.

Stonehenge Watch at Niagara Falls.jpg

The Stonehenge Watch™ is a replica of Stonehenge encased in an old-fashioned pocket watchcase that can be used as a sundial to tell the time. The watch is especially crafted to keep the integrity of the original construction of Stonehenge, and thus, when opening the watchcase, can use the built-to-scale model of Stonehenge as a shadow clock to tell time, mark the four seasons, predict eclipses, and note the passage of the years. Every astronomical function that was intended by the original builders of Stonehenge can be accomplished with the watch.

Each certified buyer will receive, along with the watch, a numbered and autographed copy of “Stonehenge Unraveled” by the author/inventor, Peter Payack.